Car Dent Repairs In Sunshine Coast

While you duck for cover from the catastrophic weather events, Storm Chaser is vigilantly assisting vehicle owners and companies, who have suffered hail damage, get their wheels back on the road in pristine condition. Storm Chaser should be your first port of call if you are needing Sunshine Coast paintless dent repairs.

Car Dent Repairs Sunshine Coast

Needing car dent repairs on the Sunshine Coast? With the advent of scientific and technological advancement, many labour intensive jobs in the accident repair industry have been honed down into specialised and skilled alternative processes. PDR is heralded as the environmentally friendly alternative rather than using hazardous materials as in conventional and traditional body repair work. Where, in the “old” days we used noisy tools and bog and paint, to put it roughly, to satisfactorily restore a panel back to original, in these, “new” days, we have skilled technicians using instruments and tools to quietly (apart from the grunting) push, shape, rub, and artfully iron out any buckle, ding, dent, wrinkle, and boing in your bonnet, hood, door, roof, panel, fender, etc. Whether it’s your SUV, company car, work vehicle, Mack truck, or Falcon posing as a Ferrari, you will be one happy customer after our cost effective quality reparation, and, if making a claim, the insurance company will not even
sweat at the price.

PDR is a work of art, and experience doesn’t come easily. It takes years of skill building and practise to be a qualified Master of this precision craft. Paul of Storm Chaser has a reputation that has taken him interstate and overseas. Quick and effective on small, medium, and large damage. If the duco is scratched or affected in anyway other way we can use our closely associated tradies to work with us at the same time.

All work is guaranteed for life (while the car remains with the current owner). If you need Sunshine Coast Paintless Dent Repairs, call Paul now on 0415 399 930 for your appointment and quote.