Fixing Dents and Paintwork On The Sunshine Coast

Need help with fixing dents on the Sunshine Coast? We have the answer.

South-east Queensland is notorious for summer storms and consequently hail damage to vulnerable assets and structures including motor vehicles. Your car need not be a casualty from a storm war on your duco. Fixing dents and paintwork can be financially reduced, environmentally friendly, and very simple. Your pocked up car can be made as smooth as silk again due to an ingenious executing of a Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) system by technician Paul of Storm Chaser.  Not all is lost to landfill and no need to claim an insurance write-off . Where, because of costs, the only option was to send your vehicle to the grave, cost effective resurrection is now possible in a quick efficient and timely turn around. We can restore the pre-accident image of your car and you retain the value of your asset.  At other times damage may be caused by a simple unintended bump from a trolley or another car door being thumped into yours when parked at the shopping centre.

The Paintless Dent Fixing Process

Our paintless dent fixing process involves use of specialized tools and instruments to coerce the blemishes back into shape. The art of DPR boasts very low noise and next to zero emissions. If the paint coating is also damaged with a scratch, scrape or chip, we can also incorporate our associated paint repair specialists into the equation as part of our trouble-free service. We produce a fine result because we pay attention to fine detail and the finished result. No need to leave your vehicle at a crash repair shop ‘coz we can come to you. You will be a satisfied customer because we care for your car.
Please do not hesitate to call Paul now on 0415 399 930 to book your car in for an assessment for fixing dents and paintwork on the Sunshine Coast.